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Friday, 1:06pm

Hello my little electronic shish kabobs.

How are you today?


I'm feeling rather frisky, so I'm going to try a little experiment where I listen to a brand new [Post-Experiment Note: brand new meaning it is brand new to me] album I don't know anything about and give you, the reader, a most powerful blow-by-blow account of this music in REAL TIME, so that you too can vicariously experience what could potentially be the biggest waste of time or a mo
ment I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. Because maybe this new album will change my life, you know? I certainly don't know. I'm picking something I know absolutely nothing about, based solely on shallow attributes like sweet cover artwork and a cool/interesting name.

Kay, so I was reading a list called "The Essential... Drexciya", I"m assuming Drexciya put together a list of favorite albums, but I HAVE NO IDEA BECAUSE I DID NOT READ THE LIST.[Post-Experiment Note: This is actually a list of works known to be created by James Stinson & Gerald Donald BEFORE they were known as Drexciya! Cool! Read it here] I merely scanned down the page until I found the coolest-looking album:

SHA-BAM!!!! How could I not live-blog this album for you, gentle reader?

It's called "Elektroworld". I think this is a sign.

So here we go. Found this album, here is all that I know/ have inferred about it:
1) The band is called Elecktroids
2) This album, "Elektroworld", was released in 1995
3) Cover art is yellow & looks rly sweet

1:16 HERE. WE. GO.>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Song#1: Future Tone
1:17 Holy crap. I feel like I'm floating in an aquarium on Saturn.
This first song is apparently in the future. Somebody keeps saying "Welcome to the future" and "future? fut-chah!" over and over again. It remi
nds me of the Future Sailors song from The Mighty Boosh. Cool synths. 1:19 Makes me wish I was shoplifting right now. This song is one that I would want playing in the background or in my mind in a lot of situations, it has a very versatile-background-theme-song kind of vibe. Say I was showering: "Welcome to the future." Say I was knitting: "Welcome to the future." (I'm just saying as an example, I can't really knit).

Song#2: Perpetual Motion

1:24 This song reminds me of spiders. Spiders fr
om a different electronic world. 1:25 Crap I have to stop using the word "electronic" in this post 1:27 Sometimes music like this will be really good, but I'll feel like it's bashing me over the head with itself going, "THIS. IS. THE MUSIC YOU ARE LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW BUMPBUMPBUMPBUMP CAN YOU HEAR ME"-- You know? But this song isn't like that. It's very unassuming [Post-Experiment Note: the author feels the word "cajoling" would be better than "unassuming" to describe what she's trying to get across].

Song#3: Japanese Elecktr
1:29 This song is about paper products from Tha
iland. Just kidding. 1:30 Remember the Outerspace rainbow raceway level in MarioKart for N64? That is this song. 1:32 Sry I'm back. My room mate was talking to me.They're still talking abt Japanese Elecktronics [in the song].

Song#4: Check mate

1:36 There is a very cool effect in this song that sounds like someone is slamming trashcan lids together with rubber balls. Woah this is cool. A few unintelligible words being looped over and over again, they sound like bubbles. There is also a bubble noise.


Song#5: Mystery World

1:39 First impression: funeral music for robots.
1:40 WHAT is this crazy muted-piano-and/or-guitar instrument playing!?? 1:40 Oh wow. That's a nice break. This is the best funeral ever. 1:41 Revised first impression: funeral music for robots in an aquarium. 1:42 Lots of contrasts sounds [P.-E.N: The author probably meant to say 'there are lots of contrasting sounds working well together' or something like that, but obviously got too excited to finish a sentence] -- oh man!!! The part @ 3:55, I had to rewind it-- that is so cool. I keep thinking about Bowser but I think it's only because I already thought about MarioKart.

Song#6: Sillicon Valley

1:45 Different synthetic (but not necessarily Electronic) animals making noises at/communicating with each other. In a choreographed kind of way. 1:47 I think this song is about a synthetic kitten running away from some kind of large metallic lion/dragon who is chasing/it trying to eat it. 1:48 Bowser:"I'm gonna eat you"--metallic kitten:"please don't!"--Bowser:"I'm gonna eat you"

Song#7: Midnight Drive

1:49 A rather sinister midnight drive. Maybe there are ghosts or someone is about to get date-raped. Honestly though, there are so many cool sounds in this album so far. Squeaks, snaps, weird ringtones from the future, some guy going "ba-ba-ba-dee-ahh"--- and that's just this track alone! And I don't feel assaulted by any of this music. (Why was she expecting to feel assaulted, maybe you are asking? Well, because I'm neurotic, and because of the rather imposing nature of the yellow dudes on the cover of the album).
1:54 You could make out to this music. Or have a BBQ with your friends to this music.

Song#8: Thermo Science

1:55 Aliens have landed. They have paper machine guns and they are shooting them. And saying the word "thermo". They might be doing a choreographed dance while doing this.
1:56 The thonk-th-th-th-thonk noise rox. Sounds like someone is playing that weird bop-it arcade game where you have to bop turtles or hippos on the head to win. 1:58 I think the aliens brainwashed a human. Also, they have infrared telescopes. Or at least they are talking about them. 2:01 If we had listened to this music in my science classes I would have been much better at science.

Song#9: Stun gun

2:02 I was so right about the aliens! They are here and they've got stun guns and they definitely brainwashed another guy 'cause he's saying he's got a stun gun too. 2:04 i-iii--i-i-gottastungun this is so cool.

Song#10: Floatation

2:07 A good music video for this song: someone is drowning by getting eaten by multi-colored bubbles [P.-E.N- The author is aware that this doesn't make sense]. Or something about Pac-wo/man.


Song#11: Time Tunnel
2:16 Sry I just got rly distracted by some txt msging. But came back when I heard these cool bouncy-paper noises. 2:17 Where did the music go? I was really getting into this song. Back to txting. 2:18 MayB there is a hidden track coming? 2:20 Wow this is weird. I'm feeling really cheated here. I thought I was getting to vibe a little longer, the track did NOT look like it was over. Is that wind I hear? I can't tell if it's real wind from outside or from the Elecktroids. 2:21 WOAH that was abrupt. Music's back. Suddenly it's like I'm in The Minority Report (movie version) driving on some kind of vertical highway really fast. 2:22 Maybe the silence in the middle was the Time Tunnel? 2:25 And suddenly IT'S OVER. Right when I was thinking, "oh, cool twinkling light noises." These Elecktroids, they like to take you for a ride.

Post-Experiment Note: So this was a fun experiment. I hope it's been fun for you, too. If you're still here.

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  1. "A rather sinister midnight drive. Maybe there are ghosts or someone is about to get date-raped."

    - Awesome.