How Glass Candy reminds me of Roxy Music

This post is written specifically with another one of our EB contributors in mind, a certain Daniel J. Hopkins. Dan's taste in music is hard for me to articulate, but sometimes I hear things and realize that Dan would LOVE this. I think this is one of those instances.

Glass Candy - 'Feeling Without Touching' from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.

Glass Candy have been making music for a while now, but this is their first music video. The way Ida No sings and moves around reminds me of Brian Ferry in an abstract kind of way. There is a similarity in the way they use their voices and the way they present themselves.

Here is Roxy Music performing on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Don't be alarmed- first minute or so of the video is some dude talking about how crazy it seemed when Roxy Music first came on the rock scene. Sets the stage well. Everyone, including Bryan, looks and sounds like a bad ass in this video. Take special note of Eno creeping/rocking out in the background in what appears to be the GREATEST silver shag jacket ever.

Thanks, Ida + Bryan.

Enjoy the videos.


  1. How do you know me so well?

  2. i go through your underwear drawer when you're not home.