LCD Soundsystem is the only new music ever coming out ever.

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I bet all you think about these days is how you just can't wait for the new LCD Soundsystem album to come out cuz you're like the biggest LCD fan and omg its gonna be epic and klgdsfjha blah blah blah blah --yeah me too. Whatever.

So here's something to take your mind off that obsession while simultaneously furthering it!

The Ascension, Glenn Branca's 2nd album, came out in 1981. It was reissued in 2003 and is such a big deal that it's gonna be reissued AGAIN this month by Fortissimo Records on white vinyl. Dope.

So here's the LCD tie-in: Album artwork for This Is Happening was inspired by The Ascension.

GET IT?!?!???????!

The Original artwork from The Ascension was created by Robert Longo.

The Ascension's reissue is being limited to 1,000 copies, so I really doubt you or I will get our hands on this gem of a record. Please enjoy a track from the album instead, brought to you by YouTube & one of its users who had the genius idea to add weird film footage from some psycho little British horror short.

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