I like to shoplift to synths. It's fun!

So although this should be posted on a "Retro Wednesday", it's getting posted on Monday because this is information I wanted you to know as soon as possible.

Hello all 5 or 7 of you who read these things I have to say (I think I may be overestimating).

I was thinking about you while I was in the supermarket the other day. Here is a tip for you if you find yourself in a supermarket sometime soon and you are a poor college student (or some other type of poor person): the first thing you should do is scoop yourself a big bag of chocolate covered peanuts from the bulk candy bins. Do not tie up the bag. Now, continue your grocery shopping (at a very slow pace) and very surreptitiously, you can eat these chocolate covered peanuts while you shop. Free candy.

Anyway, here is a great track for you to listen to while grocery shopping and candy-stealing:

Yazoo was a UK band that actually went by “Yaz” in the US. Why? Because when they made their first foray into the US music market there was already another band called Yazoo and they were all like aw hell no. Change that name.

(btw: does anyone know anything about this other alleged “yazoo” band anymore? No.)

Anyway, Yazoo was a duo made up of Alison Moyet and her ridiculous bluesy-sexy-but-manly vocals and Vince Clarke. Vince was ORIGINALLY in Depeche Mode. After he and Alison were done with Yazoo he formed Erasure. go vince go.

There's a lot more I could aimlessly ramble on about regarding this track and how many artists/poptarts have heard this song and been inspired to either create music or rip off portions of this track. there was a very obscure song in the 90s called "the macarena", for example.

*****alert/note: ****** EB does not endorse shoplifting

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