Lost and Found

The year is 2004. Yours truly is going to Scotland for study abroad because the Beta Band had just released a new album, and I wanted a chance to see them live. Not the best of reasons I know, but hey, I was young and stupid. Right before I arrived, the Beta Band broke up. Cue montage of a young electrobitch roaming the Scottish moorland to depressing music.

The year is 2006. The former lead singer of the beta band, Steve Mason, was producing some sick tunes under the guise of King Biscuit Time. Just as his sound was maturing, Mr. Manson legit disappears. From the Guardian:

"By the time I had returned home to write up the interview, the Fife-born singer had disappeared. A tour had to be cancelled. For two weeks, Neither McGee nor Mason's friends had any idea where he was. All they had to go on was a cryptic message left on his MySpace page: "I've had enough. Over and out." It read like a suicide note."

Cue montage of a less-young electrobitch roaming the District to really depressing music.

The year is 2010. Steve Mason returns, and is better than ever. Who says "antidepressants and gruelling six-hour sessions of hypnotherapy" never helped anybody!

Cue montage of an, um, lets call it "seasoned" electrobitch roaming the District to Lost and Found, Steve Mason's latest single. I'm loving every second, and hope you do too.

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