Retro Wednesday: A Flock Of Seagulls

Why are we calling this Retro Wednesdays when really we should be calling it MidWeek 80's.

Post name change bitches because I only post 80's music. Deal with it. It's the best of the worst.

A Flock of Seagulls: I RAN

HAHAHA Typical 80's soundtrack and montage. Anyone want to get in a LeBaron with me and cruise around town listening to this? I think Mattie would.

Seriously, though I wouldn't mind wearing a leather dress, dramatic make up and freaking out in a room of mirrors. One time I was in Elvis Presley's house and he has these stairs leading down to the basement that have mirrors to both the left and right of you. So all you see, on the left and on the right, are hundreds of yourself. I would imagine stumbling home on a late Tuesday night (we've all had one) and seeing a hundred of myself, freaking out, and falling down the stairs.
That is what this video reminds me of.

Terrible Story. But at least these fools enjoyed it.

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