Sonic Beach Vacays on the "W-W-W"

(That's "World Wide Web" for all you scuttlebutts who don't get out much-
Ever heard of it)

I think there might be a secret "underground" cult of loosely-themed vintage beach getaway music blogs on the web.
via Get Off The Coast

I discovered a few early this morning, they seem to post new & old indie-ish dreamy pop that often sounds like it was recorded under the influence of warm weather & summer vacation.
No Resort (who here have posted a video of the 1994-(but-1960s-garage-rock-sounding) Folk Implosion gem 'Slap Me') - This blog is not in English. Don't let it stop you.

Get Off The Coast posted the song 'Baltimore' by the band Tennis.
Haunting, echoey female vocals & fuzzy guitar chords... I am a sucker for this kind of pop).


Clive Tanaka y su orquesta sent a tape to (friend of the EB blog) Laura (Of Miami) and she kinda geeked about it because
A) most people send her shit music on CDs
B) Beyond the aquamarine cassette tape itself, the packaging was apparently intricate & incredible.

"The whole thing kept getting better as I opened the box, the tape itself looked like something from 1987 and then the music...good stuff [...] the whole experience was fantastic." From one of Laura's blogs, Nightdrive

You can order the original tape from Clive's website, but some mp3s are floating around the web. This is my favorite. It's like I'm listening to a my 1992 family vacation on Sanibel Island.
Clive Tanaka y su orquesta - Neu Chicago

Finally, I leave you with a band that is new to me but perhaps not many others. Best Coast is catchy tunes and lyrics that sound like the love-lorn teenage hopelessness of 50s & 60s girl groups.

A very dear friend played me this fan-made video over the weekend. We decided it is one of the best fan-made music videos since Arcade Fire's My Body Is A Cage (which is, perhaps, the very best).

Until next time: get bent wait i meant "surf's up" or something retarded like that

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  1. Will5/8/10

    good story, loved neu chicago-- it's like a magic somnambulatory dance track