Makeout Mondays

We have so many themed days on the blog. It's like some sort of tacky college town bar up in here. I apologize. But I think you might like this one, readers. I think you might like this one a lot.

You thought you liked Simmerdown Sundays. You thought you loved Retro Wednesdays. But you haven't met Makeout Mondays yet.

And hopefully, it will make your whole week a lot more sexy.

The EBs have come together to offer you some advice on what music to make out to. Let's start with Katie alice Greer's suggestions. This is word for word, people.

i got this heavy metal compilation recently http://www.discogs.com/Various-Satan-Is-Real/release/2259300

i think it is real gr8 music for make-outs cause it takes yr tongue victim by pleasant surprise. like, if you put on al green or the song "sexual healing", the other person is gonna be like "fuck she's trying to make out with me" but if you put on this album it takes everyone's mind off the potentially thick humidity of sexual tension in the air. maybe yall can even have a convo about heavy metal or (what is likely) your lack of knowledge regarding this musical genre. then, when you're bored of talking, boom

i'd also recommend nina simone or "world music" compilations ("would you like to listen to this bolivian mountain music record with me while we sit on my bed & talk about current films")

**Editor's note: Bold parts were totally my choice. Those are the points I busted out laughing.

Hope you like the advice, readers.

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