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We went out last night. Really out. Out about town and out of the closet to Cobalt ("Washington DC's premier gay lounge and hotspot"). I had fun, but I did notice something. An epiphany really.

The first floor of a gay club usually plays top 40 jams that everyone knows and can sing along to. The second floor is decidedly darker and plays club techno/electronica/remixes. It also has a lot more sweaty men without shirts on. I do not enjoy the second floor. It's a cliche. All gay men must like touching each other in the dark to thumping bass, right? Right??

Well, no. I may not be a gay man, but dammit I'm close. I like good music. I like shirts on. OK, second line might be only my (non)preference for men.

Introducing the best idea ever: A GAY CLUB ON H ST NE.

Gay hipsters need a venue too, readers. It can be called [Insert Here] -- brackets included (Thanks Rog for the name).

We would still play thumping music and, sure, you can be shirtless. But the music will be more like this:

The XX - Crystallised (Slyde Remix 4)

You should come.

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