Learn so much with Astro

Astro, a tropical electronic-inspired five-some, released the video for their single "Ciervos." It's a fun, upbeat soundscape in the vein of MGMT. "Ciervos" means deers in Spanish, hence why they're decked out as deers in the video.

However, this got me thinking. Chile isn't known for deers. In fact, most deers are native to North America and Europe. Hmm I said hmm.

Time for a biology/history lesson, boys and girls.

There are two types deers native to Chile -- the South Andean deer and the Pudu.

The South Andean deer is mid-sized.

While the Pudu is the smallest deer in the world.


The kind featured in the video "Ciervos" is neither. What the what??

The deer in the video is a fallow deer. This kind of deer is European in origin, only being introduced into South America for ornamental and hunting purposes. STUPID.

Whatever. This was a lot of information.

Just listen/look at the video.

CIERVOS from ASTRO on Vimeo.

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