Sabor de Soledad

New 8 Track Mixtape. This one is designed for the nights when you are getting ready to go out, and you are alone. Like alone. And are dancing around getting drunk and being lonely. So some of the songs are about being lonely. Some of them are about drinking.

Track List:
Rum and Coca Cola - Andrew Sisters
Won't Someone Tell Me (with Mirah) - Gigi
Babies - Via Audio
A Love Song - Amanda Blank
Don't You Want Me - The Human League
Close to Me - The Cure
Brinful of Asha - Cornershop
Duncan - Slim Dusty (an incredibly weird song, but a great song to listen to right before you go out and drink with people).

Ok. I think my mixtapes are just going to get weirder from here. So brace yourselves.

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