Smooth Driving with Taxidriver

Munich-based party boys/DJs Marvin & Valentino have released a mixtape (the 8th in the series they've dubbed Taxidriver, in fact) and it's filled with some laid back goodies.

I'll let them take it away from here:
"Unfortunately both needles broke after the third track, so that's why you can enjoy an amazing sound-quality...
Have fun anyway!"


01) GAL COSTA "O Vento" (Valentino Edit)
02) - - -
03) - - -
04) SLIGHT DELAY "Can You Feel It"
05) ESP Institute Concentration Sampler Vol 1 "Rocks In Me"
06) Rå Energi (Rekonstruktion av Tiaz)
07) TIAGO "Rider" (Cos/Mes Remix) Bonus Beats
08) LOS MASSIERAS "Rumore D'Amore" (Cocktail D'Amore Rework)
09) &ME "Fir"
10) LCD SOUNDSYSTEM "45:33" (Runaway Remix)
11) MUALLEM "Holland Tunnel"
12) COS/MES "Gozmez Land"
13) ALIDES HIDDING "Hollywood Seven" (Valentino Edit)
14) MILTON "Nada Será Como Antes"
15) ROGER RÖNNING "Tiden Bara Går"

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