Hit me with that Big Gold Belt

Do you know how many kinky post titles I just tried? At least three. They all dealt with some mention of a Big Gold Belt on my bum. I promise I'm not into that. Usually.

I am, however, into this.

Commando by BigGoldBelt

It reminds me of a grittier, sexier version of Sleigh Bells. Basically the only qualm I have with it is that I wish it were longer.

If you want to know more about Big Gold Belt, check out their awesome bio:

Songs like “Wait” and “Ice Cream” sound like early Madonna – not in the lame way that lazy rock critics mistakenly think Lady Gaga sounds like early Madonna, but in the fucked-up way that Sonic Youth’s forgotten “Ciccone Youth” masterpiece sounds like early Madonna. Only Xstina’s got better legs.
And also check out their awesome songs.

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