Dios mio, we're so cultured.

Let's look at a series of pictures. They tell us a story.

Oui oui?


Introducing: Moustache!

A self-described drumelectrofunkhippophouseandbassexperimentalbeats duo from Chile, they've been providing hot remixes of fellow Spanish-speakers since 2008. Their music is almost as fun as their pictures.

Picnic Kibun - Drop Your Panties (Moustache! Remix) by moustache!

Protistas - Mi Pieza (Moustache! Remix) by moustache!

Moustache! Mixtape by moustache!

Also check 'em out on MySpace (which provides a really beast remix of Step by Step by New Kids on the Block...never thought that name would appear on EB, but here we are).

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  1. I suppose I have clearance to finally publish my post that explains, in excruciating detail, why New Kids on the Block was just as good as Prince.