I had no idea

I thought I was being all (idiot) savant with the epiphany that both Chromeo and Kele have songs called Tenderoni. I said to myself "what the fuck is that?" Mostly I thought it might be a veiled reference to Chef-Boy-R-Dee. But, I was wrong.

According to Wikipedia (and we all know that is the end all of be all) Tenderoni is slang to describe one's younger male or female love interest or someone too young to talk to or become involved with. It denotes your younger sweetheart, your younger better half, your younger boyfriend/girlfriend, and more recently used as an alternate word for jailbait.

Whatever. I don't care. Just check out both songs.

Also check out Chromeo - Bonified Lovin' because I am obsessed. [Warning: video is terribly homemade]

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